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Natasha Burgess

Carving the way for young snowboarders
Natasha Burgess
Community Program

The exhilarating feeling of zooming down a hill at top speed is the reason why Natasha Burgess picked up snowboarding at the age of 16. She’s been hooked ever since. Natasha now wears many hats as a snowboarding coach, judge, official and Sport Development Manager for Snowboard Canada. If that’s not enough, she was even the halfpipe coach for the 2011 Nova Scotia Canada Games Team which took home two silver medals.

“Snowboarding and sports in general teach you to keep busy in a positive way and stay focused,” says Natasha. “It makes for a well rounded person for the greater good.”

Natasha is committed to helping others and she was determined to share her love of snowboarding with Nova Scotian youth, but there was a lack of funds for her dream. That’s where Support4Sport funding came to the rescue. Natasha was able to get several programs off the ground and running with the funds. She created PRO Girls in 2008, a snowboard team dedicated to getting young girls to hit the slopes and it’s been a huge success. The funds were put to good use for many exciting things, but the biggest rewards came in the form of money to assist with travel for the provincial team and funding for the Development Program, which helped PRO Girls get off the ground in its first year.

“Funding has made a huge difference. The provincial team athletes had the opportunity to go to a snowboarding camp in Colorado, which is something we would never have been able to do without the funding we received,” says Natasha.

Funding also allowed Natasha to participate in a judging course that was held in Nova Scotia. It was the biggest one to date in the Atlantic Provinces. As a certified level 1 judge, level 2 official and level 3 coach, Natasha knows first-hand the difference that these programs make.

When Natasha isn’t busy coaching, judging or officiating, you can find her at her day job as a Sports Development Manager for Snowboard Canada. She runs the national women in snowboard program as well as the national coaching certification program which means scheduling and running training programs, along with anything else that needs to be done.

Natasha is also on the hill three days a week and almost every weekend, lending her skills as a coach to 18 provincial and development program youth, as well as an elite travel team of four.

“I love being out there and seeing the kids progress – it’s an amazing feeling,” says Natasha. “It’s great to see things move forward and there’s lots of room for snowboarding to grow in Nova Scotia.”

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